Who is RH波登?

A Company Dedicated to Smart Cities

The RH波登 Story

When 鲍勃·波登 realized that retirement wasn't for him, he decided his fourth career (after 20 years in specialty chemical 制造业 and distribution, a decade in proprietary graphics and imaging, and a stint in humanitarian service in Thailand) would be as an independent manufacturers representative. Among the products he chose to represent was the Sewer Line - Rapid Assessment Tool (SL-RAT), which he thought was "interesting."

Over the following months, it became clear that the SL-RAT, was more than just interesting—it was the key to providing a whole new kind of service for cities struggling to keep up with sewer collection system maintenance and expansion. The RH波登 team is now dedicated to providing cities with the data and service that will allow them to perform condition-based maintenance—saving time, water, and money so their ratepayers can have greater value.

From a handful of cities in Utah, RH波登's vision of smart cities has rapidly spread to more than 100 cities and sanitary sewer districts across six Western states.

Why We Do What We Do

The Leadership Team

鲍勃·波登’s business development experience spans over 45 years in industries, including retail and architectural millwork, industrial chemicals, medical imaging, oil and gas exploration, municipal waste water and others. During that time, he has been a 领袖 in market research, product innovation, 制造业, 销售, marketing and distribution. Bob and his accomplished wife Neva have worked side by side in business, community services and volunteer pursuits, locally and internationally. Their greatest joy is to watch the next generation continue to innovate, implement and serve.

Jonathan Borden brings over 26 years of business experience to the industry. He holds a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering and has worked as a Project, 程序, and Portfolio manager for companies such as General Electric, Tyco Healthcare, BD医疗, 和费森尤斯公司. He now serves as the President of RH波登 and Company LLC. Jon has trained hundreds of executive and engineering professionals in the U.S., Central America, Europe and Asia and has been a guest lecturer at Brigham Young University and Utah Valley University.

Becky joined RH波登 in March, 2020. She has a degree from Brigham Young University in Recreation Management with a minor in Business Management. Her experience includes ten years as a volunteer director for the Boy Scouts of America as well as 领袖ship service in church and other community organizations. She has also worked in the BYU Grounds office. Becky enjoys skiing, cooking Korean food, 玩游戏, and doing activities with her family in Utah's beautiful mountains.

埃里克·彼得森 brings 26 years of design and construction experience to the industry. He holds a master’s degree of Architecture from the University of Utah. He is pleased to have played key roles in the redesign of the Utah State Capitol Plaza, served as the primary architect for Utah's largest home builder, and developed dozens of subdivisions for single and multi family homes. Eric now serves as the Senior Accounts Manager at RH波登 helping municipalities assess infrastructure using data technologies as well as GIS solutions. He has had the opportunity to be a guest lecturer at the University of Utah and Brigham Young University.

乔什·巴洛 has over 17 years of 领袖ship and 培训 experience in organizations that range in size from 5 to 500 members. He holds a Bachelors degree in Human Movement Science from Utah State University and considers himself a lifelong learner, constantly consuming books and podcasts that make him a better individual, 领袖, and husband and father. As RH波登's director of field operations Josh is passionate about onboarding, 培训, and supporting the humble, 快乐, hard workers that RH波登 is known for. He takes pride in RH波登's commitment to deliver insightful and actionable data to its customers.

The People of RH波登

内贾德艾尔沙德, Field/Data Lead

David Ballinger, Field Technician

马克·贝克尔, Field Technician

凯蒂波登, Business Administrator

布拉德·布鲁克斯, Field Technician

Jeremy Ferguson, Arizona Operations Manager

亚历克斯·彼得森, Field/Data Lead

Kwin彼得森, Colorado Account Manager

科尔顿•斯图尔特, Arizona Account Manager

亚当·巴洛, Field Technician

五胞胎斯图尔特, Colorado Operations Manager

萨瓦那斯图尔特, Field Technician

杰罗姆西行, Field Technician

凯德伯大尼, Field Technician

凯文·阿莫斯, Field Technician

Corbin Glendinning, Field Technician